SiteGround Review 2021 | Pro & Cons of SiteGround Webhosting (Latest Updated)

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting Infographic - Site Ground Review

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting Infographic – Site Ground Review

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting Infographic Great promise, vast investment, another hosting platform! Does it do justice with the reputation? Let’s find out the SiteGround review together.

SiteGround is an established name in the market and it promises a new, better-channeled hosting platform that will help businesses and individuals with their technical website hosting problems. So, the question is, does it fulfill the promise? And should you switch to SiteGround Webhosting?

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SiteGround Review 2021 – Webhosting Service

SiteGround is a privately-owned company in Bulgaria and established in the year 2004. They have three physical locations on the world map; two offices in Bulgaria and another in Spain.

The website promotes various types of web hosting like shared, cloud, WordPress, and other promising plans. While using this platform, the website claims that you can rip advantages from the free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificates along with other beneficial features. It also states that the servers are impressive with a really high percentage of uptime and prompt customer support service.

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SiteGround Hosting Pros & Cons 

The SiteGround review won’t be complete without listing the pros and cons of the hosting platform. The main things one sees in a hosting platform are uptime, loading speed, customer service, security, and additional features. However, I have also mentioned other important benefits of choosing SiteGround while some of the downsides if you opt for this hosting platform. So, here are the pros and cons listed for the SiteGround shared hosting plans

Siteground Hosting Pros

  1. High Uptime (99.99%) 

The SiteGround web hosting review is based on the actual raw data and statistics of eight months. SiteGround has used in-house crafted solutions rather than the readymade software solutions for ensuring a high-quality experience.

  1. The platform is built on Linux for providing amazing stability for unexpected traffic hikes.
  2. It is first in the industry to introduce the account isolation technology for ensuring client security.
  3. It has its own proactive server monitoring technique to check the activity every 0.5 seconds and also fixes problems proactively that ensures high uptime.

The SiteGround platform has an average uptime of 99.99% that is better than the industry standards of 99.94%. Moreover, it had only 20 outages in the year 2018, which is better than most of the platforms.

  1. Amazing Average Load Time (714ms)

Over the eight months testing period, the average page loading time was seen of 714ms, which is faster than the average load times in the market, i.e. 890ms. It is the quickest in the market for now and also very consistent. No traffic spike slowed the loading time.

  1. Knowledgeable & Expert Support Team

Technical support is one thing where SiteGround leads the market. It has an extensive knowledgeable and responsive customer service team that nearly processes more than 1500+ tickets, 2,000+ chats, and 800+ phone calls each day.

The customer support team has more than 300 people with the sole purpose of making sure that the clients are taken good care. The customer service team speaks English, Italian, and Spanish. The official survey released by the company last year showed over 98% client satisfaction with the support team. My individual experience with the customer support team was fantastic. They even forwarded the call to the CMS department for issues related. I can actually rate the support team as 10/10.

  1. High-Performance WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a special feature that SiteGround offers on all the plans. This means that someone manages the services for you in case of speed, support, security, updates, and enhancement tools too. The platform is built on SSD and gives amazing loading speed for the website. They also use custom WAF rules to protect users from vulnerabilities. Moreover, SiteGround takes care of plugin updates and daily backups.

  1. Free Security

SiteGround provides extra security features along with the basic options for all sites. It has tools like SpamExperts, SpamAssassin, Leech, Protect, IP address blocklists, and hotlink protection. You can also opt for an additional SiteGround Site Scanner for an additional charge that helps your security by notifying you when it is compromised. This helps a lot for keeping your website secured and avoid web hacks or digital malpractices.

  1. E-Commerce Installs

E-commerce websites can be a headache if you are not technically inclined. But SiteGround offers you site builder feature to choose from the basic 18 eCommerce applications and build an advanced website for you with a single click. It also provides multiple server locations, PCI compliance, free CDN, and amazing customer experience.

  1. Free Transfers

SiteGround offers free transfer of your website from a previous host in just 24 hours. This is a paid process and takes around 30 days with other web hosts. But there is a limitation to it. You only get 1 free transfer of website that too only if you are opting for the GrowBig or GoGeek hosting plan. You can transfer your website from other hosts simply by clicking on the transfer after logging into your account.

  1. Affordable Pricing

SiteGround offers quality services with many extra features at a price that is affordable. You definitely would find other hosts with less price, but they do not offer similar quality of services or features in the web hosting packages.

  1. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

It does not offer a free trial period, but it does offer 30-days money back guarantee. This way you can have the peace of mind that if you do are not 100% satisfied, then you can simply leave the portal with your money back. But there are few conditions for it –You need to post a service termination request.

  • The request should be initiated within thirty days.
  • Cloud service is only refundable for the first 15 days.
  • Renewal accounts are not covered.
  • Domain name and privacy fees are not refundable.
  • Paid support, dedicated hosting, or third-party services are not covered.
  1. Free SSL Certificate and CDN

SiteGround provides a free CDN (content delivery network) and SSL certificate with all its hosting plans. That is a huge bonus especially due to the increase of cyber-attacks and hacking. Google also prefers and scores better to a website holding an SSL encryption certificate. Therefore, it provides you with an added advantage for promoting the website higher on the google page.

It also has Cloudflare’s CDN that stores all the data of the website. This helps in fast loading of the page when someone far from the base server tries to open the website page. It is one of the best features to improve your visitors’ experience.

  1. Transparency

The digital world is full of shabby practices and behavior. SiteGround does not promote any hidden costs or features that will cause a problem with your experience. It conducts a transparent business with upfront policies that work in favor of ranking SiteGround higher on the market of hosting platforms.

Siteground Hosting Cons

  1. Set-up Fee For Monthly Bills

Hosting platforms normally offer low fees only when you opt for two to three years, while some offer monthly fees but at a high price. With SiteGround, the policies are very straightforward with a minimum 12-month deal. This means you don’t have to pay monthly and avail the best features for the year for lowest rates they advertise. But the only downside is when you opt for the monthly bills. If you go for monthly bills, then you have to pay one-time set-up fees, which is quite high.

  1. Limited Storage

When compared to other web hosts, SiteGround offers only a small disk space of between 10GB to 30GB. Depending on the disk storage space, SiteGround advises you how much visitors you can handle per month, i.e. 10,000 monthly visitors for 10GB space and 100,000 visitors for 30GB space. The disk space allocated depends on the plan you choose. If you are a starter, go for the StartUp plan or else choose among the GrowBig and GoGeek plan.

To check the details in deep, I thought of using this platform to write a SiteGround web hosting review. So, here is what I found –

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SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround offers a full range of hosting plans right from shared to cloud, dedicated, and reseller. Let’s talk about the shared hosting packages first. This is a place where you will find most of the competition in the market. All best names will be competing to find your attention as most people only need to be shared hosting for their websites. VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting is for big companies and demanding websites.

SiteGround makes a remarkably wonderful job for distinguishing itself in the competition. It offers three different plans that you can choose according to your requirements. The highest plan offers amazing performance level with fewer users on servers that eliminates the need to move to the cloud plan.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

The shared hosting plans are –

  1. StartUp:
    1. Hosts a single website
    2. 10GB of disk space available
    3. Up to 10,000 users can visit per month
  2. GrowBig:
    1. Hosts multiple websites
    2. 20GB disk space available
    3. Up to 25,000 users can visit each month
  3. GoGeek:
    1. Hosts multiple websites
    2. 30GB disk space available
    3. Up to 100,000 users can visit per month

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

SiteGround Review 2021 | Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting review

SiteGround Review 2021 | Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting review

SiteGround offers amazing shared hosting features for WordPress users too. The plans are nearly similar to the shared hosting plans with the same disk space, visits, and features. However, the main difference if the installation of WordPress for free. But it is not all; you also get other features like –

  1. Bot Protection

If you are opting for WordPress plan, then SiteGround uses its own Bot protection system that is powered by their artificial intelligence algorithm to increase the security of the website. This Bot protection avoids the majority of forced attacks on the WordPress screen and also detects malicious login attempts. In short, it is the best system to avoid hacking. It also presents a Captcha challenge to a suspicious user. This helps a lot in tackling millions of unauthorized logins daily.

  1. Beyond Security

This feature can be availed by using CMS or script, but SiteGround has already included this feature to avoid malicious bots so that they never hit on the first place. This feature works as a speed-booster for your website and also an important security feature.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

SiteGround Review 2021 | Siteground Cloud Hosting review

SiteGround Review 2021 | Siteground Cloud Hosting review

Cloud hosting is another important feature that makes this hosting platform worth noticing. It has four different hosting plans for the cloud users allowing 5TB of monthly data transfer. The cloud plans available are –

  1. Entry Plan
    1. 2 CPU cores
    2. Up to 4GB RAM
  • 40GB disk space available
  1. Business Plan
    1. 3 CPU cores
    2. Up to 6GB RAM
  • 60GB disk space available
  1. Business Plus Plan
    1. 4 CPU cores
    2. Up to 8GB RAM
  • 80GB disk space available
  1. Super Power Plan
    1. 8 CPU cores
    2. Up to 10GB RAM
  • 120GB disk space available

SiteGround VPS Hosting Review

I tried to look into the VPS hosting for marking a SiteGround VPS review but concluded that it offers cloud hosting instead of VPS hosting, and the specifications are very similar to the VPS hosting. You can opt for cloud hosting instead of the VPS and avail the best features, plans, and services.

This is all I could find out about the SiteGround hosting platform.

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Do I Recommend SiteGround ?

Yes, definitely I do. SiteGround is perfect for someone who cares about customer support while also staying on the higher side of page speeds and impressive uptime. In addition, they also offer some amazing additional features for free while some are for additional charges that will help you make the website for appealing and rank better in the digital world. The free services itself are enough for even designing a complicated website like as e-commerce one. It is also perfect if your goal is e-Commerce or WordPress sites and if you are okay with someone else handling the security of your site.

Along with it, the pros of SiteGround exceeds the only two minor cons of the hosting platform. Moreover, the prices of the packages are also not very pricey when compared to other hosts, and so it is simply the best offer to grab at the moment.

So, if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert, SiteGround review says that it has something to offer to each and every one.

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