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You must have heard about SEMrush if you own a website, be it a personal or professional site. This is an amazing SEO tool which is known best for keyword research. This is the era of internet marketing and staying ahead in the business requires you to stay ahead of the competitors. A well-optimized website is needed for that. But how can you make your website optimized? Proper keywords are what can make your website well-optimized and a great SEO tool help you in finding that keywords. SEMrush is one such very helpful SEO tool which helps you in the following tasks such as proper keyword research, tracking keyword ranking, checking the competitors’ ranks and backlinks, etc. And, above all, you can do a perfect SEO audit of your blog using this amazing tool.

But, this tool does not come free at all and you need to pay a good amount of money to get SEMrush. However, once you invest money on it and start using it, you will realize that the money invested is worthy. SEMrush free trial is a great option to check out this tool before you go ahead to actually buy it.

Check Semrush Free Trial

SEMrush free trial is available for 7 days. But, you can get the SEMrush free trial without credit card using a special coupon code. Wondering, what is that special coupon code and how to get the SEMrush free trial ?

This article is all about. I have discussed here in full details on how to get the SEMrush free trial along with its actual benefits. So, have a read.

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How to get SEMrush Free Trial ( 2021)

If you are suffering from the SEO issues in your website, get SEMrush tool and it will amazingly improve both SEO and SEM to grow the audience base surprisingly in no time. But, I will suggest you using the SEMrush free trial before making the final buying decision. And here is how to get that free trial.

SEMrush Free Trial | Best Keyword Research Tools Semrush Pro Account For 7 Days | SEMrush 14-day free trial

Step 1: First visit this website. Click on this link to grab the trial offer of 7 days. Here you need to register providing an email id and password of your choice. Note down that id and password to login to later on.

Step 2: You may be asked to create a captcha as shown in the picture. Type the captcha and then tick the checkbox which says to agree to the terms and condition. Next, tap on create my account.

Step 3: You will be then transferred to a new page. Here the promo code for the SEMrush free trial will be applied automatically.

Step 4: This step requires you to enter all other details such as email, password, billing details, etc. But, do not worry, nothing will be deducted from your account. This trial is completely free for 14 days.

Step 5: Once you are done with everything, tap on the ‘Place the order’ button and it will create your own SEMrush account. You can start using this account now for 7 days.

Step 6: In case you want to cancel the account, just send an email to SEMrush. Their email id is

So, that’s it. You will now have access to the SEMrush pro account free for 7 days. Explore the tool and you will definitely find it highly satisfactory and useful.

Many more other SEO tools are available in the market. But, SEMrush is claimed as the number one SEO tool that offers huge benefits to the users. Read here the full benefits of SEMrush which will help you understand more about it.

Check Semrush Free Trial

Benefits of SEMrush SEO Tools :

SEMrush comes with a wide range of benefits that can improve the overall health of your website in no time. I must say that this is a versatile tool which can do a lot more than just helping you get the right keyword.

All the benefits of SEMrush are listed down here

  • Easy keyword searching :

This is definitely the most obvious benefit of SEMrush. Right keywords are the success of your website and SEMrush tool helps you find that perfectly. You can be assured to get the most profitable keyword which is actually low in the competition range. You can also steal the competitor’s useful keywords which are drawing more and more visitors to their site. How it can be done is just fire the competitor’s URL and SEMrush will return you all the keywords of that site which is responsible for huge traffic.

  • Site auditing :

If you are not sure about your content strategy and other website stuff, use SEMrush for site auditing and it will check all the flaws so that you can take corrective actions to enhance your website’s overall health.

  • Checking backlinks :

SEMrush is not just restricted to the keyword research and site auditing; rather you can check the backlinks, page score, anchor text data, etc. seamlessly of you and your competitor’s both.

  • Position tracking :

In order to reach the peak, you need to know if your efforts are actually working out. To know this, you can use the position tracking feature of SEMrush. It will allow you to track your keywords so that you can follow the rise and drop in the search ranking.

  • Adword strategy spy :

Earning some amount through the Adwords is not a bad idea at all. Rather I will appreciate this approach. And SEMrush again can help you here. This tool has the PLA tool through which you can see the Adwords ad run for any of the keyword phrases.

Semrush Free Trial

Semrush Free Trial

Conclusion :

If you are looking for the all-in-one SEO toolkit to resolve all your SEO and SEM related matters, I will definitely suggest you to use SEMrush. This is probably the best SEO tool these days which is being used by millions of people across the globe. This is true that this tool does not come free and you need to invest some amount to get it. But, Once you start using it, you will really be able to understand the real value of this tool which is designed to uplift your website by improving the overall SEO and SEM. And this is the reason you should definitely try that SEMrush 7 day free trial to take the right decision.