Music promotion is necessary whether you are a solo artist or music album producer. You have to rely upon yourself for promotion. These days, we have promotional platforms available that are very easy to use. Whether you are a newbie in music creation or an experienced one, promotion is a crucial part of music-making. 

Following the trend, focus on the digital promotion of your music videos and latest releases. It will let you create a brand and invite more opportunities your way. 

Many people think digital marketing needs a lot of experience and effort, but that is not true. It is just about making an online presence, making the availability of digital assets in one place, creating a content flow to share, and directing music to digital platforms. But before promotion, it is necessary to give your video a good finishing. For that, you can use tool. Let us know different tips to help you promote your music online.

Tips to Promote Music Online

Below are some tips you can use to promote music online:

  1. Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

The electronic press kit provides easy access to all information about your assets, such as music files, images, bio, etc. It should contain the below data:

  • Your bio: Add some crucial points to make a worthwhile bio.
  • Photos: Professional photography should be affordable as it has to go a long way. Use Dropbox or GDrive for editors and writers to access them.
  • Press Quotes: Add positive quotes about yourself when you get featured somewhere.
  • Links to your Social Media: Social media platforms keep people up to speed. Hence you should share links whenever you are covering music.
  • Any Imperative Information: Add all the information regarding your new album or EP in a separate section.
  1. Establish a Home Recording Studio

First of all, you have to understand some particular elements related to the home recording studio before the onset of a project. It can be impacted, considering various elements like your resources and what music you are producing. Let us have a look below to know some necessary things before setting up a home recording studio:

  • Select your Space: The factors that can influence acoustics are the shape and size of your room, the material used in the building while construction, and more. Hence it would be the best option to select a rectangular-shaped room that doesn’t have plenty of surfaces like tile & glass. Additionally, you can regulate things to enhance the acoustics.
  • Choose Quality Hardware: The processing power of the equipment in your PC must fulfil the requirements of the tool you pick. If you have not done so, get ready to experience a diversity of problems related to making, uploading, and promoting the music, as insufficient processing power could result in poor audio quality.
  • Selecting Appropriate tool: The tool you use for the project must be appropriate because you will put all your efforts, time, money, and more to complete your recording and organise the music. You also have to do modifications, such as compressing and mixing the audio recorded. For that, you make use of video trimmer lets you discard the unnecessary part of the video. You can use it to trim your video and keep the required part only.
  • Cable Management: Your recording space must have a lot of cables tangled. You should effectively follow the cable management strategy and safeguard your equipment from damage.
  1. Video Production and Promotion Options

You can choose video making to promote your music so that more people know more about you and your music.

  • Publish Your Video Inseparably

It is necessary to share your content online to make it visible to more audiences. There are multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook. YouTube is one of the most commendable online platforms you can explore. It is not only about sharing, but you should also understand how well your videos are performing on these platforms.

  • Optimise Your Video

You should optimise your video to get listed in the top-ranked and trending videos. Also, remember that people use mobile phones to watch videos, so try using mobile-friendly formats.

  • Use Promotion Tools

Make sure to promote your videos and make more people aware of them. You can use the different social media sites and ads, embedded links, and cross-platform promotions. You can opt for a paid promotion too.

  • Share the Video in Niche Groups

You should target different music communities to share your music. You can also start discussions and conversations while sharing your music videos with such communities and groups.

  • Build your mailing list

Email is an effective marketing channel available. It is because email is something that everyone checks daily as a ritual. Emails and newsletters are a great way to keep the fans updated about your latest releases. But make sure that emails are not too long and are fun. You can consider using email marketing services, such as MailerLite, TintLetter, or Mailchimp. They offer several templates and pricing plans that you can opt for and use easily.

Resources to Promote Music Online

Below are some of the graphic design resources for music promotion:

  • Music Logo Maker: You can use any tool which help you in design unique logos for your band. 
  • Album Cover Maker: This tool comes with many online templates and lets you make cover designs for your album.
  • Music Festival Poster Templates: This tool consists of a series of free templates to create a poster for the music festival.
  • How to Design Album Cover: the Ultimate Guide: This is an informational resource that teaches how to create an excellent cover for your album.

Distribute the Music Online

Follow the below steps to distribute your music online.

  • Choose an Appropriate Distribution Platform: Many online platforms offer music distribution services. Apart from that, there are generalised distribution platforms, including TikTok and YouTube. They have their advantages and disadvantages, based on which you can select the one that meets your needs.
  • Create a Website: You can create a dedicated website for the audience you are approaching, directly arriving at the place that entirely describes everything about you. It is one of the reliable ways to showcase your work. You can also share your website links through social media.
  • Advertise: You can advertise your music online in different ways, such as paid ads, affiliate networks, or the distribution of marketing materials.
  • Network: Joining the musical communities helps you get in touch with related people and enables you to learn, find new opportunities, and grow.

The promotion of music is as vital as music creation is. The definition of promotion has changed a lot in the past few years. 

Everything is going online, and so is the music promotion. You can use digital promotion to promote your music and make more people aware of it.