Bluehost vs SquareSpace (2021) | Compare the Best Hosting With Pro & Cons

BlueHost Vs SquareSpace

BlueHost Vs SquareSpace

Bluehost vs SquareSpace hosting is a very hot topic these days as Bluehost is a name you all must be familiar with and SquareSpace is getting extremely popular these days because of its high-quality services at an affordable price. Overall these are the two best web hosting company names you will come across when searching for a reliable web hosting provider for your blog, website, eCommerce store, etc. These hosting providers are there for quite a long time and they both have a good reputation among its users. But definitely one of them is better than the other and we will find that out today.

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Today we will be comparing Bluehost vs SquareSpace hosting on different parameters including price, performance and speed, plans, features, uptime, and support team. The first and most important thing you need to know about these two hosting providers is that they do not target the same group of audience. Bluehost is a hosting provider that targets everyone looking for a reliable web hosting partner for their website. On the other hand, Squarespace targets a particular niche of audience. And choosing the best one between these two web hosting companies depends entirely on your hosting needs.

Bluehost is very user friendly to new users. They will help you set up a running website without having the need to know the complex functionality or coding part. Setting up a website and then filling it with some amazing content is very easy when it comes to Bluehost thanks to its user-friendly CPanel that is designed for new users. Everyone can use it with ease. Now talking about the speed, you will never get disappointed with it. They have a powerful and fast server equipped with SSD’s, NGIX caching, and other innovative technologies making them very fast. Uptime is also great and they have an excellent support team with WordPress expertise.

Now coming to SquareSpace, no doubt the hosting provider is a great choice for web hosting, but the most important thing to consider when choosing it is its price. The monthly cost of Squarespace starts from $12 which is very expensive when compared to Bluehost. Bluehost, on the other hand, is really affordable for both short and long term use. Bluehost plans start from just $3.95 for a month and the renewal cost is also very less. All this makes Bluehost a clear winner when it comes to choosing a reliable and affordable web hosting provider.

Bluehost vs SquareSpace (2020) Pros and Cons

If you are going to choose between Bluehost and SquareSpace, you must know the pros and cons. That will help you make your decision more accurately. Bluehost and SquareSpace both hosting providers come with their own set of pros and cons.

Bluehost is, first of all, more widely known hosting company and it is hosting over 2 million websites today, including blogs, eCommerce, business websites, and much more. Here are some pros and cons of choosing Bluehost for hosting your website.

Blue Host Pro
  1. Cheap first terms cost with comparatively low renewal rates
  2. Fast performing servers equipped with the latest technologies
  3. Full SSD servers for better performance and reliability
  4. Best uptime however you will not get any Service legal agreement for a minimum uptime
  5. Generous Storage size. You will get bulk storage space included in the plan
  6. Unmetered bandwidth which means Bluehost will not limit your bandwidth
Blue Host Cons
  1. No free migration is the first cons of choosing Bluehost
  2. Poor backup options. Free backup service is not up to the mark.
  3. Only US-based server which may not deliver full speed in some countries

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SquareSpace Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Choosing SquareSpace Hosting provider

SquareSpace Pro
  1. Unlimited bandwidth means your site can handle unlimited traffic
  2. Ultimate Data Storage. You will get Bulk data storage option
  3. Free domain name
  4. Unlimited subdomains
  5. Live chat support with instant reply
  6. You can host unlimited sites
  7. Optimized hosting for WordPress websites
  8. One-click software installation
  9. Comes with 97 days money-back guarantee
SquareSpace Cons
  1. Many features come at an extra cost
  2. WordPress optimization is available for additional fees
  3. Support is not really good
  4. Control panel may be hard for new users
  5. Server speed is not great but good

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Bluehost vs SquareSpace Pricing

Bluehost and SquareSpace both offer various plans with different features. The basic plan is really affordable and you will get free email address, website migration, and an array of other benefits. But when comparing the plans of both of these hosting provider, Bluehost is the one you should choose if you are looking for affordable web hosting. Bluehost is undoubtedly cheaper with monthly cost starting from just $3.95. SquareSpace is not the cheapest web hosting company and their lowest plan starts from $8.95 for a month and that too if you are choosing a two-year subscription. The yearly and monthly cost is even higher.

But SquareSpace also offers features worth the price including free website migration, backups, maintenance, and much more as a part of their package. Bluehost offers website migration for an additional cost.

Price table comparing Bluehost vs SquareSpace Plans

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Bluehost vs SquareSpace Customer Support

Overall Bluehost is surely the winner in terms of overall performance and price. You will get a number of features and a user-friendly interface to manage your website effortlessly.

When choosing a hosting provider, you also need to consider whether or not you are getting good customer support. An expert support team is very important as they are one whom you can contact directly in case you need any assistance. They will help you fix different issues at the right time to save your business from any loss.

Bluehost and SquareSpace both have an excellent customer support team ready to serve you 24 x 7. On comparing both the web hosting provider on the basis of customer support, we found that Bluehost provides instant support in no time and they always try to fix your issue as soon as possible. You can contact the Bluehost support team anytime via direct calls or email; they will reply you instantly. You can rely on them for different services like website migration, server management and maintenance and much more. Another great thing is that their support team is WordPress Expert, who is capable of solving your different WordPress related issues as well.

SquareSpace, on the other hand, also provides decent support to its customers, but its users often complain of long waiting time to get a response. Other than that, you will not face any other problems. Their support team is also experienced and expert who can solve your different issues.

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What is Hosting ?

Hosting is a platform or server that keep your website data and allow user from different part of the world to access it. In other words, you can understand hosting as storing your data on a server location, which can be used by people from around the globe in just a click.

Why do I need Hosting ?

Hosting is necessary for every website because the hosting provider provides your website with all the necessary hardware and software to keep it up and running. You need to choose a hosting provider for your website and they save your website on their servers, which are fast enough to allow people access your website and all the services you provide from anywhere in the world.

Is .com domain the best ?

No doubt .com is the best and gold standard domain for any website. A domain with .com is trusted by people as it carries a sense of legitimacy. This is the reason why this domain still has the highest sale price in the domain aftermarket.

How to Buy a Domain Name ?

You can easily purchase a domain name from any reputed domain registrars. You can easily purchase a new domain name which is not registered. But there are also certain ways to buy a registered domain but the process becomes a bit more complicated.

Do I need a Domain ?

If you are trying to set up a website which is not dependent upon others, then a domain name becomes very important. You can use a third party domain name for smaller websites, but it is always better to have a separate domain name. It is just like your website’s online address.

What is Domain Registrars ?

Domain Registrars are companies who sell or manage domain names. Buying a domain name form a domain registrar means they simply register a domain name for you. The money your pay them is the registration fee.

Do I need a control panel ?

Yes, you will need a panel to manage your website and to upload content to it. The hosting provider gives you access to your control panel using which you can manage your website. You can also request a hosting provider to manage these things for you if you lack essential skills.

How do I get an email at my own domain ?

The hosting provider will provide you with one or more email address. It is included as a part of your hosting package.

Which is Better One ? BlueHost Vs SquareSpace for Blogging ?

I would recommend BlueHost. Its Speed and Configeration is Better One than Godaddy.

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