Best WordPress Hosting Sites (2021 Updated)

A perfect web hosting service is the key to the success of your website. It can seamlessly grow the audience base and ultimately improves your bottom-line. But, for that, you need to choose the perfect hosting service which is specially optimized for your website. For example, if you have already decided to start a new website with WordPress, you need to find out the best wordpress hosting sites to make it run smoothly.

WordPress hosting is specially designed and optimized to meet WordPress’s performance. It also handles security in the best possible way. If you plan to choose the best web hosting service, you need to choose from several options available including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and managed hosting. However, the website owners mainly focus on two special wordpress hosting which are shared and managed hosting.

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6 Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners (Shared and Managed Hosting)

Shared web hosting is the perfect and best WordPress hosting for beginners. In shared hosting, you need to share a server with other websites. But, do not worry at all, as it is performance optimized. In case of managed hosting, things are entirely different. Managed hosting offers features like server-side caching, better speed, security, and more.

And these are the factors that you should consider when choosing the best WordPress Hosting Provider. Along with speed and performance, also look for technical help, uptime guarantee, etc. which indicate about the quality of a web hosting service. And it is really vital to select the quality hosting service to run your WordPress website successfully.

If you are searching for the Best WordPress hosting for small business, you landed at the right page. I have mentioned here the top best WordPress hosting which can impact your website performance and the business bottom-line positively. So, have a read.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners - BlueHost WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners – BlueHost WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

BlueHost (Features, Pro & Cons)

BlueHost is a perfect web hosting service for the small business website and bloggers. Choosing a very reliable hosting service is vital to ensure your website run very successfully even in the worse situation. For example, sudden heavy traffic, high usage of bandwidth, etc. When it comes to choosing the Secure WordPress hosting and shared hosting, keep 3 points in mind which are speed time (also known as load time), uptime (minimum 99.9%) and technical support. And thankfully, BlueHost meets all the required criteria. Bluehost offers several plans to choose from such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server.  So, you can choose the one that is best for your WordPress website. More about BlueHost is discussed here.

Check BlueHost Hosting


BlueHost is a feature-rich web hosting service that is optimized for the WordPress website. The features are listed down here.

  • The intuitive user interface is one of the best features of BlueHost I must mention. The interface is so simple that a beginner too will find it easy to operate seamlessly. It is must to mention about the managed WordPress hosting as its features are really You can handle your multiple websites just from one screen. Also, the integration of BlueHost with the MOJO marketplace is another attractive thing which allows you to add any required scripts, plugins, and other resources to improve the look of the site.
  • Speed and security is a feature of BlueHost that make it different from other similar web hosting services. Its managed hosting service is built on a powerful VPS server which is responsible for such excellent speed and security. The managed server use NGiNX architecture and W3 caching for better security.
  • It has different plans for different people. You can choose from the basic and business plan. The basic plan is perfect for those starting a new website which is small. Whereas, the business plan is perfect for a website that has bit heavy traffic.
  • Finally, this is a very affordable web hosting service which can be easily afforded by the beginners having a very limited budget.

The pros and cons of Bluehost are discussed here which will help you take the right decision.


  • BlueHost claims to offer 99% uptime guarantee. This is not just a promise; rather they offer the claimed service. Their last 12-month average uptime is more than 99.99%.
  • Their load time too is highly impressive which is 419ms on an average.
  • The technical support 24/7 hours which is another strong feature of BlueHost.
  • Free sire transfer is a great advantage
  • And finally, the free domain name for a year is really helpful for the beginners.


BlueHost does not have any cons as such which can impact the website performance. The only con is that it is a bit pricy and there is no plan to pay the fee monthly.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners - Siteground WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners – Siteground WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

SiteGround (Features, Pro & Cons)

SiteGround is one of the best Web hosting for WordPress that is being used by millions of people worldwide. If you are looking for reliability, security and scalability altogether in a hosting service, SiteGround is definitely one of the best options. It covers different business sizes that comes with a wide range of plans such as shared hosting, WordPress, reseller and Cloud hosting. Their service is pretty fast and the multiple data center globally is responsible for that. They actually offer open-source web hosting solution which suits different customers need and requirement. The greatest advantage is their open source solution, so it can be integrated with several additional applications from the open source community to make your website work your way. For example, you can take advantage of Plesk, cPanel, etc. Here I have discussed the features of SiteGround which will uncover more about this hosting solution.

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  • Reliability is one of the main criteria when it comes to choosing the best web hosting service and this is highly provided by SiteGround. Their service is very reliable which is perfect for the small and medium-sized business website.
  • They are pretty simple, easy and fast. You do not need to have any special knowledge to use this service. Rather their simple and fast service will seamlessly navigate you towards everything. You just need to contact with them and the rest of the thing will happen seamlessly.
  • Easy website transfer is another interesting feature of SiteGround. And more importantly, that is completely free. For example, if you already own a website in another hosting service, SiteGround will transfer the site to their hosting free.
  • Auto-updating is a great feature of SiteGround which ensure that your website will always be on top when it comes to updating the WordPress. They will take care of these kinds of stuff from behind the scene.
  • SuperCache technology is an interesting and added feature in SiteGround which ensures a faster This is an in-house cache technology which creates three level of cache of the website thus makes it super fast.
  • Its a one-click installation process which requires just a simple click and your website will be ready in seconds.
  • Flexibility is maintained at the fullest. The flexibility feature is perfect for developers. You will get stuff like PHP version control, Git integration, etc. for easier workflow.


SiteGround is a great and perfect WordPress web hosting solution that comes with countless benefits. The pros are listed here which will say why this hosting service is better than others.

  • It uptime guarantee is 99.99%
  • They offer a load time of less than 400ms.
  • They have server in different countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Netherland which makes faster load time.
  • Great technical support all through the day and night is another pros of this hosting solution.


The only con of SiteGround is that it is not appropriate for the big enterprise.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners - HostGator WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners – HostGator WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

HostGator (Features, Pro & Cons)

This is a very well known name in the world of web hosting service. HostGator was not very popular till two years back. But recently they made some changes in their plan which helped them to win the reputed brand tag. HostGator like all other best WordPress hosting Premium comes with a wide range of plans and all of them are designed to suit different business needs. Hatchling plan is the very basic one that is appropriate for the beginners. However, you can also choose to go with either a baby plan or business plan which will suit your need. The features, pros and cons of this hosting service are explained in details here that will help you take the right decision.

Check Hostgator Hosting


  • The easy to use dashboard and interface is a great feature of this hosting solution which enhances usability at the best. The dashboard allows you to easily understand everything and help you navigate towards the right direction.
  • Customization is a great option of HostGator which allow you to make the website look your way. Countless free plugins and themes are available there using which you can change the look and performance of your website in just minutes.
  • The single click installation process and auto back-up is another useful feature of this hosting service which offers a great piece of mind.
  • Free SSL certificate and free site migration is other enjoyable features of HostGator.


  • They guarantee 99.9% uptime along with excellent service which is actually needed to run a website successfully.
  • Unmetered Disk Space and Bandwidth is an excellent feature of this service which is highly enjoyable.
  • Unmetered Email accounts, FTP accounts and Sub Domain,
  • Easy to use Control panel and higher flexibility.
  • Quick on-boarding and installation process is another thing to mention here.
  • Open stance is another biggest advantage of HostGator. They have a by default open stance to run your website seamlessly and this is because of the cPanel.
  • 24/7 hours of technical support
  • And finally, the 45 days money back guarantee feature. This feature is very helpful. If you are satisfied with their service, it’s well and good. Otherwise, claim your money back.


The list of cons is very limited. HostGator does not have any con as such. The only con of this hosting service is their complexity. That’s it. Apart from this, all features are really helpful which can easily make any website stand in the crowd with head high.

However you can also check fastest hosting for Best Word Press Hosting

MilesWeb (Features, Pro & Cons)

 MilesWeb is an affordable web hosting solution for bloggers, WordPress users and

small businesses. They are India’s leading web hosting company which serves more than 30k+ customers all over the globe. MilesWeb is one of the best options if you’re searching for a hosting service that provides reliability, security, and scalability.

Choosing reliable web hosting is very essential for your website, even in the worst situation.

For example, unusually high traffic, high bandwidth usage, inode limits end, and so on. When it comes to selecting secure WordPress hosting and shared hosting, few factors should be considered: Website speed, uptime (minimum 99.5%), storage, and support. And, MilesWeb commits and keeps these points on high priority when it comes to providing service.

MilesWeb offers several options to host your WordPress site-: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

Check MilesWeb Hosting

*Features -:

Automatic WordPress updates – When you buy WordPress hosting from MilesWeb, you don’t have to worry about manually installing and updating the plan because it will be done for you by their technical team. At the backend, there is software that automatically updates the software to the most latest version. Additionally, the technical experts keep track of new upgrades to the WordPress platform and plugins.

Already configured WordPress –MilesWeb pre-configures the site using certified themes and plugins to make management easier.

Another beneficial aspect of this hosting service that provides great comfort is the single-click installation process and auto backup.

Fast Provisioning – MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting provides reliable, ultra-fast, and scalable WordPress hosting. The site is launched fast compared to the scalable cloud architecture.

There is no limit on email creation with their managed WordPress hosting plans. Each plan comes with an unlimited email account option protected by IMAP/POP/SMTP protocols.


They guarantee 99.5% uptime along with affordable and reliable service, which is needed to run a website successfully.

Get Your Domain Registered for Free- MilesWeb offers you a free domain name. With this, you save your time and money to get your domain registered at some other place.

Your website will always remain safe from hackers because an SSL certificate is installed on all the websites hosted.

Unmetered Bandwidth is the best service with this plan which is highly enjoyable.

Easy user control panel and website builder.

To provide minimal latency to your audience, you have the option of choosing a data center from your near location such as India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

You get 24/7 support as their support ninjas are always ready to solve your problem, So you won’t need to worry.

The best feature is that they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case your thoughts changed and want a refund, you can cancel your order within a month, and you will receive payment to your respective bank.

MilesWeb does not have any cons, Their hosting meets all requirements which are required for any type of website.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners - A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners – A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

A2 Hosting (Features, Pro & Cons)

A2 Hosting is one of the Good Wordpress hosting companies which have the fastest tag hosting services. It makes the website load timing faster compared to all other WordPress hosting services. This is no doubt a very high performing and speedy hosting service which is optimized for WordPress. They have shared and managed plans both. Again you can choose from the different shared plans available such as Swift, Lite and Turbo. All are designed so carefully to help your website run smoothly. More about this hosting service is explained here such as its features, pros and cons which will help you know more about this A2 Hosting service.

Check A2 Hosting


  • High performance is the best feature of A2 hosting that ensures your website will be really speedy with excellent load time. The inclusion of SwiftServer platform is responsible for a high performing website. On the other side, the 20X faster Turbo Server is what makes your website faster.
  • Security is a great issue which bothers every website owner every day as the numbers of hackers are growing day by day. And more than 30, 000 websites are been hacked almost every day But, with A2 hosting that tension is reduced. They have the free hackScan protection which is designed to protect your website perfectly.
  • It is a developer-friendly option which includes several options to software developing in your account.
  • All the WordPress software comes pre-installed with this hosting service. Also, you will get the A2 optimized service which offers auto-configuration. And it ultimately helps in high performance and best security of the website.
  • The inclusion of LiteSpeed Cache offers extra speed to the website which also reduces the page load time.


  • It has an auto-set up feature which ensures all WordPress will be pre-installed.
  • The inclusion of Turbo server made it to offer 20X faster performance.
  • A2 Hosting is A2 Optimized which offer best speed and security settings
  • They have global data centers which lower the page load time greatly.
  • Finally, free SSL certificate offers some extra protection to your website.


The only con of A2 Hosting is their pricy plan. The price is really a bit higher for the beginners.

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners - Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners – Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pro & Cons

Kinsta Host (Features, Pro & Cons)

Kinsta Host is the last but not the least WordPress hosting in our list. This is the perfect hosting solution for all kind of business organization, be it small, medium and big. They have a wide range of plans to fit different business needs and the best part is that all the plans have similar features. This is the Best WordPress hosting Companies for WordPress. This web hosting solution is present in the industry for more than 10 years. Their service is powerful and reliable which are the most required criteria to run a website successfully. All other details such as features, pros and cons of Kinsta Host are discussed here in full details.

Check Kinsta Hosting


  • Speed is the success to key of any website and this is offered at the fullest. Kinsta Host uses technologies like PHP 7, LXD software, Ngnix, etc. to offer the great speed which can load a page in the blink of an eye.
  • Security is maintained here at best. Your website can be hacked at any time. But, with Kinsta, you are not required to worry for that at all as they keep monitoring your website for 24/7 hours. They monitor the websites for DDoS attack detection, hardware firewalls, SSL support, uptime, etc.
  • Free site migration is an excellent feature of Kinsta Host. They ensure that your website will be transferred to Kinsta Host in no time and in the best secure way.
  • User-friendly interface is highly required to maintain your website on your own. This is the reason Kinsta has made their Dashboard so intuitive that beginners too will find it very simple. Navigating to the right direction is not a tough task at all.
  • Finally, Kinsta’s service is so powerful that can grow your audience base in no time and it also helps in conversion rate.


The list of Pros of Kinsta is really big as compared to the Cons.

  • It’s a one click development site
  • Excellent support for 24/7 hours. They keep checking the website for uptime, security, and offer fast feedback along with 100% solve rate.
  • Uptime guarantee is provided by them.
  • Excellent hack guarantee
  • SSL support
  • Proactive prevention


Coming to the cons of Kinsta Host, their price is a bit high for the beginners and a bit complexity makes it difficult to operate by the beginners. Otherwise, all other features are really helpful to run a website successfully with high traffic.

So, these are the best WordPress hosting available right now in the market.  All the web hosting solutions mentioned here are unique and feature rich to take your business to the next level.