Best SEO Tools For 2021 – 6 Tools You Will Love it

We are now living in the era of the internet. People can’t think of anything without this. When it comes to business, the internet is again deeply related here. Internet is the way to reach millions of people in just seconds. But, creating a website is not enough for that, rather you need to ensure that it is SEO optimized to give an edge to your business. Anyways, plenty of best SEO tools are available in the market and you can take those tool’s help to make your website SEO optimized. Here in this article, we have mentioned the 6 best SEO audit tools.

But, before getting into the SEO tools, it is important to discuss what is SEO tool and its benefits. It will help you understand why you need to invest in getting the best SEO tools.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing visibility and getting more traffic from the organic and natural search engine result. Higher rank in the search engine helps to drive more traffic which helps in conversion rate and ultimately positively impact the company bottom line. A research has already proved that the website on the first page of Google receives more than 95% click as compared to the other pages.

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Quality content along with the right keywords, quality links, etc. are vital for a website to be search engine optimized. And a perfect SEO tool can help you here. The best SEO tool ensures that your website is designed and crafted the perfect way to get the higher ranking in search engine result.

SEMrush Best SEO tools

SEMrush Best SEO tools

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What are the benefits of Best SEO tools?

  • Right keyword: Powerful keyword is highly needed for a content to be search engine optimized and the best SEO reporting tools help you in that. It helps to find out the perfect keyword thus saves your valuable time in the extensive research process.
  • Content optimization: It is not just the right keyword that is needed to optimize the content. But several stuffs are taken into consideration for that and a best SEO tool helps you in that. It simulates the content optimization process to offer your website a higher ranking.
  • Benchmarking: SEO is comprised of various SEO elements such as social media, content, keyword, etc and all of them need to be benchmarked against each other to see actually how they are performing. And with the best SEO tools, this task becomes simple. It then helps you to take the required action and you can understand where you need to work more.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is maintained greatly by the SEO tools. The recent SEO tools are very advanced which uses data science and machine learning technology to enhance accuracy in the data. So, it offers accurate keywords and other information to help your site rank higher in the search engine.
  • Insight to the competitors: SEO tools offer a deep insight to the competitor’s information such as their valuable keywords, backlinking, etc. which is really helpful to beat them.

Best SEO Tools 2021 lists (Top 6)

</p> <h3><strong>SpyFu:</strong></h3> <p>
SpyFu SEO Tool 2021 - Best SEO Tools

SpyFu SEO Tool 2021 - Best SEO Tools


SpyFu is one of the best SEO audit tools available that comes to aid the online marketers by providing them the best strategies. This tool offers a great competitive intelligence by offering valuable information on the competitor’s profitable keywords, paid ad, organic search and more. Overall this is a great SEO tool that boosts your revenue by increasing visibility and creating more traffic.


  • It helps you find the right profitable, organic and paid keywords at a very reasonable rate.
  • SpyFuoffers unlimited backlink results.
  • SpyFuoffers in-depth SEO reports
  • It exports the advanced contact information
  • It features domain searches, keyword searches and backlink searches
  • SpyFu offers unlimited backlink results
  • Filer the sales leads
  • Offers API access
  • It has a great and simple user interface
  • It is an excellent reporting tool on overall visibility
  • Offers quick information on the keywords, PPC history, etc.
  • Comes at a very reasonable cost
  • Offers limited local keyword result
  • Lack of local business tools
  • Some websites are missing in their database
</p> <h3><strong>Long Tail Pro:</strong></h3> <p>
Long Tail Pro SEO Tool 2021- Best SEO tools

Long Tail Pro SEO Tool 2021- Best SEO tools

Long Tail Pro is one of the best SEO monitoring tools that make the whole SEO related task automated for you. The best part of this tool is that you do not require having any special knowledge to use it. The interface is much simple that can be easily handled by the beginners as well. But, it comes at a price tag. Anyways the trial pack is always available and you can go for that before buying the final pack. More about this tool is explained here that will help you understand it greatly.


  • It allows you to create multiple projects which is highly helpful to stay in the competition.
  • It allows you to import and export keyword in the LongTail pro and excel spreadsheet
  • Get the high CPC keyword through this SEO tool which helps in higher ranking
  • It comes with a keyword competition checker which is very helpful to run your website successfully.
  • User can generate keyword based on the seed keyword
  • Get domain name from this SEO tool
  • It is damn easy to use. Any beginner will find it much simple to navigate through the intuitive interface which is the biggest advantage of this SEO tool.
  • The next benefit of using Long Tail Pro is that it comes with an instructional video even though it is simple to use.
  • The 60 days money back guarantee is another added advantage.
  • And finally, it is comprised of three interlocking modules which are keyword research, competitor analysis and rank checking module. All of these modules are highly useful to offer a higher ranking.
  • It comes at a bit heavy price tag
</p> <h3><strong>Ahrefs:</strong></h3> <p>
Best SEO Tools Ahrefs SEO Tool 2021

Best SEO Tools Ahrefs SEO Tool 2021

Ahrefs is mainly known as the backlink checker which offer the most number of backlink index. However, this is not the only feature of this tool; rather it is an entire marketing suit that has all the needed SEO strategies. With Ahrefs you can get the competitive keywords and spy on the competitors to beat them. Ahrefs offers a 15 days free trial pack and I think you should go for this trial pack to explore the SEO tool. More about it is explained here.


  • It is a feature-rich tool that has the listed features.
  • Generates millions of keyword ideas
  • Newly discovered keyword is seen every month
  • It allows you to check the ranking history for any keyword
  • You can check the SERP volatility
  • The content gap for the domain and page is uncovered here easily
  • The content explorer tool allows to research content
  • The website outbound link can be easily monitored through this tool.
  • And finally, you can check the daily referring domain history graph.
  • It offers useful keyword and link filtering in every report
  • Content gap analysis
  • One of the best backlink database
  • Excellent click rate metrics for each keyword
  • Some graphs in the tools can’t be export
  • There are no blanket reporting options.
  • The new and lost referring domain link is a bit confusing
</p> <h3><strong>KWfinder:</strong></h3> <p>
Kw Finder - Best Seo Tools

Kw Finder - Best Seo Tools

KWfinder is a great SEO tool which is mainly popular for the keyword strategies. You can take your website to the next level using the proper keyword and this tool is just perfect for that. It helps you find the most profitable keyword. Not just that rather KWfinder also allow you to gather all those keywords that the competitors are missing which greatly helps you to compete with them. The features, pros and cons of this SEO tool are discussed in details which will help you understand more about this tool.


  • This tool helps you find the longtail keywords
  • KWfinder allows you to organize the keyword with the keyword list.
  • It imports the keywords that you want to analyze and filter the unneeded keywords
  • It offers localized result for the local keyword
  • KWfinder comes with the SERP analysis and SEO metrics feature
  • Keyword planner alternative is another added advantage of this SEO tool
  • Keyword metrics and search volume help greatly.
  • It comes with a very easy and simple user interface
  • This tool offers three different ways for keyword research
  • The keyword difficulty score is quite easy to understand
  • The price is very reasonable which can be afforded by all.
  • This tool does not allow any competitor research which is a con of it.
  • Secondly, it does not support the multi-tabbed keyword research.
</p> <h3><strong>SEMrush:</strong></h3> <p>
 seo review tools

seo review tools

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This is probably the best SEO tool which is used by millions of people. SEMrush is better to call as the competitor analysis tool that offers a great view on the competitors. And this finally helps you taking the correct step to stay ahead in the race. SEMrush tool is a feature-rich tool that has all the basic and advanced features to offer a higher ranking in the organic search results.


  • Position tracking is an excellent feature of this tool.
  • It offers domain-specific keyword ranking
  • It allows you to compare between domains by keywords
  • Offers quality backlinks
  • It comes with the crawl audit tool
  • It helps you identify the accurate ad data
  • Spy on the competitors ranking and keyword details
  • It allows you to compare multiple sites
  • Offers accurate ad data
  • Track various keyword metrics
  • Offers a helpful pie chart and line graph
  • Help you search the proper long tail keywords
  • It offers different keyword research process.
  • It offers the keyword data of the competitors
  • Historical data on the bigger package
  • Competitive intelligence is a great advantage of this tool. You can have an eye on the competitor to compete with them perfectly.
  • The site audit feature is really helpful
  • It is bit pricey
</p> <h3><strong>Moz:</strong></h3> <p>
 best free seo tools

best free seo tools

Moz is one of the best SEO tools that is being used by a large part of the website owner. It has all the needed features to make your website SEO optimized perfectly. When it comes to the external and internal link, you will get the best help from this tool. It will help you understand everything very smoothly. It's a great SEO package that is wrapped with all the excellent features to offer higher ranking.


  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Open site explorer
  • Excellent rank tracking
  • Beta Access to new tools
  • On-page recommendation
  • Excellent database availability
  • Continuous improvement in the features
  • The user interface is very simple to use and understand.
  • It offers an excellent rank tracking and competitor analysis report
  • Accuracy is maintained here greatly. It offers accurate data on every aspect, be it keyword, backlink or competitor analysis.
  • It allows you to have a great insight on the competitors which ultimately help you ranking better than them.
  • The campaign is a big advantage of the Moz SEO tool.
  • It is a bit expensive
  • The database, metrics and crawl is available only for the US

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Conclusion: The 6 best SEO tools are listed down here. All the SEO tools mentioned here are excellent that offers great features to make your website highly SEO optimized. These SEO tools have all the needed tools using which you can get a higher ranking in the organic search result within few days. Ensure to use the tools right way and you can get the best out of them. Many of the tools come with a money back guarantee. Also, some of the tools have a free trial period. So, you can opt for that to check if this is what you were looking for.

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