Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2021 (Latest Update)

Best Managed WordPress Hosting : What is Managed Hosting? The answer to this question is quite complicated as the terms managed hosting is used by different service providers who deliver the different version of a similar service under its name.

Managed hosting differs from other dedicated hosting services. It is nothing but an extension of dedicated hosting. In managed hosting, a service provider leases dedicated hardware and servers to the client and manage and maintain all the hardware parts on his behalf.

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Features of Best Managed WordPress Hosting

In simple words, Managed WordPress hosting provider minimises the tasks that need to be performed to keep a server running efficiently and smoothly. The hosting service provider takes all the responsibility of the hardware components and ensures that they function at their peak level.  They are also responsible for patch management, server maintenance and configuration, security, configuration, technical help and support, monitoring, back up, updates and more.

A professional hosting provider takes very good care of your servers and keeps a close eye on its performance. This allows you to spend your valuable time for the betterment of the software.

What’s included in Top Managed Hosting For WordPress

The services that are included in the managed hosting can vary from one service provider to another. Some hosting service provides managed hosting as a part of their VPS or other dedicated packages. But others may offer it at a specific rate. The service offered in the name of Managed Hosting may differ among the hosting providers. However, some of the main services included in Managed hosting are listed below.

  • Server Monitoring– Service monitoring is an important part of Managed WordPress hosting services. In server monitoring, the hosting service providers monitor the performance of your servers at regular intervals. This way they can easily detect and solves server failures and other performance issues before they develop into a major problem.
  • Security– Security is important for any computer, but it is crucial for those networks or computers which stores critical information and business data. Security includes firewall, spam protection, virus protection, updating the operating system and drivers, etc.
  • Backup and Storage– There is nothing worse than permanently losing precious data from your computer. This can happen as a result of hard disc failure. Losing important files or data can easily cause loss of thousands of dollars. Not just that it even decrease the customer’s trust and loyalty. This makes backup an absolute necessity. Hosting providers backup all your data at different locations so that they can be retrieved in no time.
  • Server maintenance– Your servers will never work properly without proper maintenance. Hosting providers takes care of your servers as a part of Managed Hosting service.
  • Server Configuration– Managed Hosting service providers also offers experts staffs for the configuration of your servers so that they meet your customer’s needs or requirements.
  • Support team– Managed Hosting is great in terms of support. There is always a dedicated team of experts ready to help you out of any issues. Most of the hosting providers have a dedicated customer support team whom you can contact using their helpline number. The support team is available 27 x 7 and your issues are generally solved in the shortest possible time.
  • Reduced Cost– The cost of maintaining the hardware and servers can be quite costly. But with the help of Managed Hosting service, you can save on the cost of operation. Another great thing about managed hosting is that all your servers are managed by qualified experts.
  • Flexibility– Another benefit of Managed Hosting is that it is very flexible in nature. Therefore it can be tailored to suits specific needs or requirements. Hosting providers can provide services based on the budget and requirement of the business. This way you don’t have to spend money on something less important. As the business grows the basic requirements change, so the hosting providers also react to ensure that the services still meet them.
  • Effective use of Resources– IT employees can be really costly especially the qualified and experienced one. Recruiting IT professionals for the maintenance of servers and infrastructure is not a smart decision. You can leave this task for managed hosting providers. They ensure the smooth running and functioning of the servers and hardware components. This way your IT employees can work on something more important and productive.

Types of Managed WordPress hosting Services

Managed Hosting can be divided into two major categories on the basis of the type of services you want the hosting provider to administer. A hosting provider can administer infrastructure or operations.

Two main types of Managed WordPress hosting Services

  1. Semi-Managed WordPress Hosting– Semi-managed hosting is for those who want the hosting provider to administer and support the infrastructure, but they want to configure and managed the servers themselves. Semi-Managed hosting cost less and is an ideal option for small businesses with limited budget or resources.
  2. Fully-Wordpress Managed Hosting– The other type of hosting id the fully-managed hosting in which the hosting provider handles every single thing from infrastructure to servers, applications, security, backup and more. It is the best choice for those who have little or no knowledge about the technical work. Of course, it will cost a high amount of charge, but it gives you the freedom to focus on your business.

Managed Hosting is a good fit for business which requires stringent security or regulatory requirements. This includes healthcare industries that need to handle the bulk of private data or financial industries. This ensures that your environments are secure and is not shared with third parties.

However before deciding whether your company or business requires the best managed WordPress hosting companies or not ask yourself a few basic questions. This will surely clear not all, but most of your confusion and will help you decide what’s right for you.

  1. Does moving to Managed hosting make business sense
  2. What is the business risk involved in the process?
  3. Is your team ready for the change?
  4. How will your existing cost structure be affected?
  5. Do you have the necessary resources?

These important questions must be answered before making any decisions, or you will end up wasting your money.

Now you know what managed hosting is. If you have decided to take managed hosting services for your company, now the next thing you need to do is to choose the right WordPress managed hosting provider. There are tons of hosting providers who offer managed hosting services, but we are only going to talk about the best managed WordPress hostings which are completely safe and reliable. Bluehost, Siteground and Kinsta are some of the very popular WordPress managed hosting provider. They are counted among the best web hosting companies and provides great services without any compromise. So let’s have a close look at these three best WordPress managed hostings.

Bluehost Managed Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2021 - Bluehost Managed Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2021 – Bluehost Managed Hosting

Check BlueHost Hosting

Bluehost is a big name in hosting services. It is one of the most established and trusted hosting company. Bluehost is not only limited to bigger business, but it also works great for small businesses. However there is nothing perfect in this world and nor is the Bluehost, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost for Managed Hosting.

Benefits of using Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting companies which is owned by Endurance International. Endurance International is one of the world’s largest hosting corporations and you can rely on them for all your hosting needs.

As mentioned earlier Bluehost is a big brand and there are obviously some benefits of using it. First of all, it has all the necessary resources or components needed for the smooth functioning of your server. Bluehost has a very experienced team of qualified professionals and network engineers who can handle each and everything related to hosting. It also has a dedicated customer support team which is available for your help 24 hours a day.

A big brand like Bluehost is also very safe and secure. They are not going to run away or steal your important data which smaller hosting companies might do. So if you are dealing with something really important then go for Bluehost hosting.

The customer support team of Bluehost are really friendly and they are available 24 x 7 to help you out of any server issues or other similar problems. They try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Now let’s talk about the price

Bluehost pricing is affordable and reasonable. It suits all kinds of businesses but it works great for medium-sized business. Bluehost has many different plans to suit your business needs. It also provides many added benefits and features.

Pros of Bluehost

  1. Fast and reliable
  2. 100% Data Protection
  3. Fast loading speed
  4. Qualified Professional
  5. 24 X 7 Customer Support team
  6. Server configuration as per requirements


  1. Some plans are really costly
  2. Not an ideal choice for a business with limited resources

All these excellent features of Bluehost make it an ideal candidate for Managed Hosting services.

Kinsta Managed Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2021 - Kinsta Managed Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2021 – Kinsta Managed Hosting

Check Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta could also be the best-managed WordPress hosting for you. Another exceptional hosting provider Kinsta undoubtedly gives a very tough fight to top hosting providers. So let’s have a look at the main features of Kinsta.

Kinsta was founded in the year 2013. It is a relatively new hosting company; however it is much better in terms of service than many top companies. Kinsta is a perfect choice for beginners as well as established big businesses. The plans of Kinsta start from just $30 per month and you get managed WordPress hosting for such a low price isn’t it amazing.

It means for $30 Kinsta will not only take care of your website, but they will also host the site in a WordPress optimized environment. Along with that they also provide security solutions, backup services, firewall, server configuration and more. This not only saves your time but also gives you the freedom to focus on other more important and productive tasks. In case if something goes wrong, you can get a professional’s help in a minute.

Why Kinsta

Kinsta guarantees you super fast speed and great performance without any issues. This is because Kinsta only provide WordPress hosting and they are an expert in this field. All their staffs are qualified and well experienced and they will seamlessly handle everything related to WordPress.

Some of the Kinsta staffs are even WordPress software contributors. This assures you that your website is in safe hands.

Use of Google Cloud

Kinsta uses Google Cloud platform and this separates it from other hosting providers. Google cloud is used by some of the top companies like Htc, Snapchat, Phillips, etc. This means your websites will be maintained in an excellent infrastructure maintained by Google.

With the help of Google, Cloud Kinsta can host in 17 different locations. The high-performance hardware used by Google ensures smooth working of your website because of easy access to all the necessary resources.

Automatic Backup

Automatic WordPress website backup is another great feature which comes as a part of Kinsta WP managed hosting service. The backup data are kept for at least 14 days and you can retrieve it easily.

Pros of Kinsta

  1. Powered by Google the global leader
  2. 100% uptime
  3. Safe and secure with full data protection.
  4. Really fast server speed as a result of state of the art technology
  5. 24 x 7 supports
  6. In house cache plug-in
  7. One click staging
  8. Automatic backup regularly
  9. Integrated CDN


  1. Not the cheapest service provider
  2. No email hosting and Spain registration
  3. Limitations on use of certain plugins

Kinsta is undoubtedly a great hosting company that offers great features for an affordable price. Its performance and speed will never disappoint you.

Siteground Managed Hosting


Best Managed WordPress Hosting - Siteground Managed Hosting

Best Managed WordPress Hosting – Siteground Managed Hosting

Check SiteGround Hosting

Site ground hosting is the next great option for WordPress managed hosting. Site ground offers great services coupled with 100 data security and excellent customer support all at a very reasonable price. This makes Site ground a favourite choice of many companies or users.

Siteground is a very reputed company which is providing hosting services for more than a decade now. Siteground team focuses more on customer satisfaction than anything else. It creates a perfect hosting environment according to your business requirements so that everything runs smoothly.

Site ground offers cloud hosting services which come with VIP support and are also auto scalable. The hosting packages allow you to choose the best plan and customize it as per your business requirements.

The company also provides specific hosting packages that target different content management systems like Drupad, Joomla, Magneto, etc.

Siteground also has expertise in WordPress hosting. They are completely reliable and experienced hosting company that ensures you a smooth function of your business.

Speed and security

Now you know the basics of SiteGround. Let’s now explore some of its features.

Speed is something which matters a lot especially in hosting. It is an uncompromisable part of hosting services. Sitegroud offers a groundbreaking speed and uptime.

Site ground makes use of the best technologies which gives great server speed and performance without any compromise.

Data Security

The world is full of hackers who are ready to steal your data. This makes it important to know what security measures your hosting provider is taking to protect your valuable data.

Your data is in safe hands with Site ground Hosting. Site ground has a bulletproof data protection system which saves your important data from unauthorized access. Site ground is a leader in web security systems and they will surely take very good care of your files and data.

It provides additional security features like hack alert monitoring to further keep your mind at peace.


Uptime is another important part of hosting. You will be happy to know that Site ground guarantees you 99% uptime because of its hosting architecture and qualified professionals.

Excellent Support team

In case something goes wrong you can immediately support the expert support team who will help you solve your problem effortlessly.

Other features

Backing up all your files and data so that they can be retrieved when needed. DevOps which is a proactive team that keeps a close eye on any issues and fixes them in the shortest possible time

Proof Site ground hosting

  1. Excellent WordPress hosting which includes features like Git integration, SuperCacher, WordPress staging and automatic updates
  2. Money back guarantee
  3. A qualified and experienced team of professionals
  4. Friendly and knowledgeable Customer support team
  5. Reasonable pricing
  6. 99% uptime
  7. Fast server performance
  8. Reliable and Safe

Few cons of Siteground hosting

  1. Price may be little high than other hosting services but provides an unmatched service.
  2. Not suitable for very Small businesses
  3. Shortest billing is of 12 months.

Overall site ground is a really great choice for fully managed hosting and you can blindly trust them. You Can Read SiteGound Review Here


This review explains each and everything about managed hosting and how it will affect your business. You can take the help of Managed hosting for your severs performance, maintenance and data security and it will surely help you in taking your business to the next level