5 Easy Ways to Learn Graphic Design for Beginners

Want to be a graphic designer who is able to produce phenomenal work? Or have an established job that gives a decent life? Being a design expert might be an option. Friends of Freedom Fighters can also learn independently without having to study in formal education. After all, there have been many media that reviews design learning tutorials for beginners (5 Easy Ways to Learn Graphic Design for Beginners) as long as they have strong intentions.

5 Easy Ways to Start Learning Graphic Design and a software to design graphic

  1. Knowing vectors and bitmaps

In graphic design, there are two main components that must be known to beginners, namely the differences between Vector and Bitmap. Vector applications such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator are best used for designing logos, illustrations and the like. While Bitmap used to use the Photoshop application to design images or photos. Both have differences that Vector produces a normal design when enlarged will not break, while the Bitmap will look blurry or broken. Mastering both of them can make you a qualified future design specialist. The important thing is try first friend.

  1. Study the color mix

A graphic designer must know the details of colors and know very well the right mix. At least he has a high sense of art related to combining good colors. Friend Freedom Fighters can search various information from the internet or other media related to the understanding of color, color differences to how to combine colors. Well, for example the website is for example on kuler.adobe.com

The right combination will provide aesthetic value that affects the psychology of others. This capability will make your design have a unique feel and attract the interest of potential customers.

  1. Study graphic design applications

It is very easy if you want to learn self-taught graphic design without the help of others. The ease of internet makes everything that is impossible become real. As long as you want to read the theory and practice the science. There are some of the most well-known design applications that can be used as learning media. The simplest application is paint that you may have mastered since you were a child.

Favorite applications in practicing graphic design science are Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. For Free Fighters who really want to become design experts, it is better to choose which domain will be our specialist in designing. Adobe Photoshop for the realm of photos and digital imaging, Adobe Illustrator and Corel for the realm of Logo and Vector, Adobe Indesign for editorial domains such as books and magazines. The application is indeed quite expensive for beginners, and now the alternative is GIMP which is free to try. Don’t forget my friend; design is a matter of communication, perception, and taste. So as much as possible often see the design trends that are in demand today.

  1. Independent learning from tutorials on the internet

Maybe you have a little difficulty learning engineering or design science based on theories that are widely reviewed on popular sites. It would be nice to often see a graphic design video tutorial to better understand the theories provided. Isn’t direct practice able to provide a clearer picture than mere speculation?

As the best recommendation, you can visit some of the most popular design learning sites like Youtube. You can also visit Tutsplus Design or Graphic Science, which is the original local site of your beloved country.

  1. Learn to look for inspiration

The key to the success of a graphic designer is the quality of the design produced. It is not only a matter of excellent design skills but a broad-minded understanding of concepts is needed. An effective way to keep productive imagination is to multiply looking for inspiration. Buddy Freedom Fighters can learn the designs produced by other people to create new ideas.

A software you can do a graphic design—DesignCap

Designcap not only has dozens of templates that can be used, but has up to hundreds of templates that can be selected according to your needs. Besides that Designcap also has many useful tools for creating designs. Interestingly, Designcap can be used free of charge and you don’t need to register first. Please visit the Designcap website if you want to design graphic online.

The ways above can be used as inspiration to study graphic science independently. As long as there is a learning intention and consistently apply the knowledge gained, we will have qualified design skills. While there is a chance, there’s no harm in trying, right?

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