Elegant Theme Review 2019 - Best Theme for Wordpress 1

Elegant Theme Review 2019 – Best Theme for WordPress

Elegant theme took a prestigious place in the world of WordPress, as it has a great collection of portfolio themes, plugin, and active users. But are these themes and plugins worth buying for your website? Will these themes benefit you in a good manner? Don’t worry we are here for you, in the end, you will definitely be able to make a decision. Read here the Elegant Theme review to understand more before purchasing the theme.

Elegant Theme Review

Elegant Theme Review

About Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme have been serving people for eleven years and have satisfied more than 587kcustomers till the day. Elegant theme isn’t just a company but a community having a team of 87 members. It is a fully distributed company among almost 20 countries. Founder and CEO of elegant themes Nick Roach who once started from a college apartment had made his company a huge diversity today. This is one of the most successful platforms which not only gives you access to a wide range of themes but also to the complete web designing. ‘Divi’ is a flagship of elegant themes which takes WordPress to a totally new level with its advanced visual builder technology. It is the world’s most popular WordPress theme and ultimate web page builder. You can try Divi for free for a while time with limited function. You can buy its premium version which includes Divi at just $89 per year which gives you unlimited access to 87+ themes, plugins and premium support. Its price is very less as compared to other theme companies. You can also sign up for $249 for lifetime free access to it.

Now, let us put some light over the work of this community and user experience. How can anyone trust a company without knowing it’s work? So let’s start.

Why Elegant Theme for WordPress? Read Elegant Theme Review Also

Before enrolling into any program one must have cleared his ‘why?’ So here are the reasons why one should choose elegant themes?

Divi is one of the best reasons to use Elegant Themes. Divi is so much powerful that it not only provides themes but also gets the complete package for making website whether it is a blog, business or any other type of site. Divi is a versatile tool in which you can find home page theme to everything else which you will need for building your website. For those who don’t have knowledge of coding, Divi is a blessing as it can be used to make websites without coding. However many professional web developers also prefer it because it saves a lot of time and customers looking for custom web pages really love the work. Nowadays generation believes in smart work rather than hard work. So you can relate Divi with smart work here. It’s a set of high-quality templates and the powerful drag and drops page builder tool which makes it the first choice of professional web designers.

Divi leads tool is another feature which makes it a great choice. It lets you run split testing experiments on your site & content. If you’ve ever got confused over colors, design, etc. then Divi leads is a valuable tool for you as it gives you an option to see multiple variations in one window and wait for results.

These are the reasons why one should use ElegantThemes.

Best Features of Elegant Themes For WordPress – Check Elegant Theme SEO Review Here

  • Drag and drop builder tool is the main feature of Divi. It is fast and user-friendly having specialization in creating mockups and wireframes, prototyping a design, and creating the whole website. The tool is intuitive and easy to learn. A developer can customize it with codes otherwise it can be directly used by non-programmers.
  • Modules are included to add features like Google maps, contact form, blurbs, sliders, countdown timers, portfolio, gallery, buttons and many more. Customization can be done using CSS.
  • Theme Customizer can be used to customize the sites option and styles which includes headers, footers, typography, backgrounds, buttons, blog posts, layouts and many more.
  • Split Testing is used to improve the site's conversation by performing a/b tests. You can see stats to choose the best among various designs. You can use it for anything you need the user to click on.
  • Layouts consist of landing pages, splash page, about pages, maintenance, coming soon, project portfolios, contact, case studies, creative agency, product features, shop and many more. There are also many preloaded layouts in Divi. It also gives you an option to build your own layout or you can also upload other user & layouts.
  • Role System gives you control over who can access what in your website. Using backend you can protect your high-end design from anyone.
  • Widgets are of three types in Divi, that is About me, AdSense and Advertisement. The advertisement widget is more useful as it simplifies adding images and links. Using this you can open ads in a new window. It also gives you the option to control relative image paths.
  • Multilingual It has been translated into more than 30 languages including the Divi Builder, interface, front end elements, descriptions, form fields and also includes RTL (right to left) option. Whenever we choose RTL language the builder moves all the buttons to the right side.
  • Child themes and layouts area feature specially designed for children. These themes attract the sight of children and also layouts are child-friendly and easy to use. There is almost every type of layout available for any purpose like consulting, restaurants, photography, health, education, e- commerce and lots more. Child themes can be customized easily. These are cheap and one doesn’t need to amend the whole website instead you just need little editing using themes.
  • Plugins were made especially for expanding Divi. It can give Divi new features and can also enhance existing features. A lot of plugins are available for Divi which can be explored in Superfly Store. The plugin is a very useful feature for both developer or non-developer.

All these features make Elegant Themes a choice of professionals as well as beginners.

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Pros & Cons Of Using Elegant Themes


Responsive Web Design

It is very important to give the user an ultimate experience while one is designing the website. Intelligent and responsive web design has the capability of adjusting itself automatically for different screen sizes which will ultimately give the right experience to the user. Your site also needs to be optimized for all screen sizes. Also, the site needs to be mobile friendly with a font size which could be easily readable. Images should have correct resolution neither much wide nor too big. Using this you can satisfy every type of customers weather using desktop or mobile means you can customize everything on your site for various screen sizes.

Visual Drag & Drop Divi Builder

It is one of the best features of Elegant Themes which is also known as the WYSIWYG web builder. “what you see is what you get” is the full form of WYSIWYG. Divi gives you the option to review your page how will your page look like. It allows making changes and moving elements on the page. This tool helps you to create a page up to your expectations.

Monarch (Social Media Plugin) & Bloom (Email Opt-In Plugin)

There are two exclusive WordPress plugins for users:

1. Monarch
2. Bloom

Only signed up users can access to these two plugins.
Monarch is designed for users to get more shares and followers. You say it is a social sharing plugin. You can display more than 20 social networks.
Bloom is a type of email marketing which is becoming popular day by day. It allows you to send an email directly into the customer & inbox. Plus provide a channel for One to one communication with them. It helps you gain more subscribers which will increase crowd to your website. You will also get stats of subscribers within an interval of time.

Divi Library

It is a nice feature which you can use frequently while designing your site. It allows users to save layouts, sections, rows and modules for your later use. All you have to do is save the layout in the library and then load that layout when you need it. You can also save headlines, sub-headlines and body copy in addition to book pages. This will help you duplicate the same font, alignment, font size as well as the customized settings for different devices.

Elegant Themes Shortcodes

Elegant themes have a great collection of short codes that you can use while writing your content on the site. This is very useful if you are creative or need creative content for your site. You can also add other elements like button, toggles, slideshow and more instead of just adding a few images.
To add button click on the ET button at the toolbar and choose from a variety of buttons.
For boxes click on ET box and choose the type of box you need from variety like warning, download, info, shadow and more.
To add toggled content choose to learn more block. You can also choose whether to leave it or choose by default.
To add tabbed content and slideshow list down all the tabs and their content with ET tabs. You can also choose to make it a slideshow or image slider.
You can include a short write up about the author using author bio tool.

Divi Theme Options

Divi has custom theme options which can be used to control logo, navigation settings and more. Using the integration tab you can add codes to the theme. You can add codes like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, etc. This features quite useful as you can add codes to your site without even installing any another plugin. Most plugins are also not secure so it becomes a great option for the user.
SEO full-formed as search engine optimization is very important for every developer as it affects your online presence. It helps your site to rank higher on search engine result page which helps in attracting organic unpaid traffic to your site.

Do check out Ads tab too regularly. Dive theme option also lets you do so.

Divi Subscription Charges

Money is the primary priority. Before using anything we prefer low-cost products. But now no need to worry you will get quality ata low cost. You can sign up by just paying $249 for a lifetime or $89 for a year. You will also get access to Divi and 87+ themes which is a bumper offer.


Restricted and limited

However there are many options to choose but still, it is limited unless you are a professional developer. A professional developer can do almost everything using coding in CSS but for none developer who doesn’t know any coding, it’s quite messed up. For everything, you just need to follow a given framework and mostly you will need to use CSS. So it’s easy for a CSS user to use elegant themes.

Don’t use it in the first time

While researching I read an article on the internet which says use Divi forever or don’t even install it in the first place because when you decide to change the theme you will leave behind a bunch of messy codes.

Consumes more RAM

Elegant theme is a high-end theme which needs high ram and also it adds unnecessary bloat to your phone system.

Consume more storage

As I mentioned, that Divi is capable of doing almost everything so it consumes more storage and your system storage gets full easily which will make your system hang continuously.


There is nothing in the world without cons. Everything has some pros and cons. Elegant Themes has so many pros but only a few cons. I am sure that this article had cleared all the doubts. For a professional developer or a CSS user, it's perfect to use Elegant themes for their website development. If you are a not a developer and never had done coding then it will take some time but still, you can explore a lot. After all, learning is necessary for every work.

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